What we Believe?

To Learn God's love and to share God's love:

Our mission statement here at ABC is to learn about the incredible love of God and in turn share it with everyone we meet. The love of God as seen in the person of Jesus Christ is the basis of all we do and believe as a Church. 


Our Values: We are committed as a Church to being:

Inclusive - We welcome people from every background into our family life  Nurturing - We show concern for both the social and spiritual needs of those we meet


Disciples - We are committed to following Jesus in everyday life


Biblical - We root our understanding of life and faith in the Bible's teaching 


Outward Looking - We serve the community as our neighbours and share our faith in Jesus with them


Fair - We uphold and work for justice and honesty in the Church and wider world




Our vision is for:

  •   ABC to be a Church open to anyone in our community in need of friendship, advice, or support.

  •   Coordinated and generously-resourced children’s and young people’s work.  

  •   A vibrant ministry to and by those in the ‘third age’ and older.

  •   Widespread participation in regular opportunities for corporate prayer.

  •   The good news of Jesus Christ to be heard by everyone in Aylestone.

  •   Excellent community relationships throughout Aylestone because of the work of the Churches.

  •   Partnership with a small number of particular overseas missions.


What we Believe:

As a Church we adhere to the Baptist Union of Great Britain's declaration of Principle. 

A three-part “Declaration of Principle” forms the basis of understanding for all who belong to the Baptist Union. We believe in Jesus (1) Christian baptism (2) and world evangelisation (3).

  1. We follow Jesus, who is revealed in the Bible as God in human form and is the absolute authority in all matters related to faith and practice. Our churches, guided by His Holy Spirit, have the freedom to interpret what He says, and put this into practice in their own contexts.

  2. Baptism is a necessary step for all who choose to follow Jesus and seek forgiveness for turning away from God. Baptism symbolises forgiveness both by the use of water (which washes) and by the identification with Jesus, who was himself baptised and who, according to the Bible, died for our sins, was buried, and rose again.

  3. Everyone who follows Jesus is called to play their part in sharing His message.


For more see the Baptist Union website - www.baptist.org.uk